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Longshot - Annotate & Pin
A useful App for annotation, color picking, rulers, pins and scroll long screenshots.
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Annotation & Rulers

Conveniently annotate images, a great tool to communicate and collaborate with colleagues in a simple and straightforward way.


Drawing Tools

Rectangles, ovals, lines, arrows, text, freehand brush - doodle away!

Annotate & Measure

Mosaic/blur to hide sensitive info, annotate and explain, measure in pixels, color pickers - tons of features.

Convenient Operation

Hotkeys, undo, save, open, copy to clipboard - simple and easy.

Scrolling Capture

Optimized stitching algorithm enables scrolling screenshots to adapt to various environments, easily capturing message context.



Supports scrolling screenshots in portrait, landscape and 360° orientations - scroll and capture whatever you like.

Backgrounds/Areas Support

Even with non-solid background colors in the scrollable area, and when the capture area includes non-scrollable objects, scrolling and stitching works well.

Direction/Area Support

While scrolling, you can change the scroll direction at any time. When done, you can drag the capture area again and stitch.

Full Window Scrolling Screenshots

Hold down the Option key and click a window to take a scrolling screenshot of the entire, automatically handling edge areas.

Window Capture

Click a window to highlight the subject and make the screenshot area better convey the intended message.


Intelligent Window Detection

Move the mouse and the window under the mouse is automatically highlighted.

Combine Multiple Windows in One Screenshot

Hold down the Shift key and click windows to combine multiple windows in one screenshot.

Pins & Tacks

Turn any image or text into a tack to stick on your desktop for easy viewing and comparison.


Clipboard Pins

Paste images, text, HTML and more from your clipboard onto the desktop.

Double-click Image Tacks to View

Double-click image tacks or open image pins on your desktop to view the full image.

Pin Scroll Wheel Zoom

Mouse scroll wheel to zoom pins, double-click to close or minimize, supports image operations such as flipping and mirroring.