Creating a perfect long screenshot often requires a considerable amount of effort, as it seems to be a complex task. Fortunately, with the scrolling capture feature of Longshot, you can significantly improve your efficiency and unleash your productivity. Longshot captures and stitches the screenshots in real-time, providing a preview of the resulting long screenshot. And the best part is, it only takes approximately three simple steps to complete the scrolling capture process.

Step 1: Select the Window

After installing and opening Longshot, simply press the F3 shortcut key to enter the scrolling capture mode. Move the cursor and click to select the window you want to capture with scrolling.


  1. If you haven’t configured the shortcut keys, please go to the preference settings of Longshot to set up the shortcut key for scrolling capture. In this case, I have configured it as F3.
  2. If you haven’t granted screen recording permissions to Longshot, please go to the system preference settings and grant the necessary permissions.

Step 2: Scroll the Area

Move the cursor to the scrolling area within the selected window and use the mouse or trackpad to scroll. At this point, Longshot will automatically stitch together the content of the scrolled area and generate a thumbnail preview of the long screenshot next to the selected window.

Step 3: Save or Copy

Once you have scrolled to the desired content area and finished scrolling, you can click the “Save” or “Copy” button on the toolbar to save the stitched long screenshot as a file or copy it to the clipboard.


With that, the process of capturing a long screenshot by scrolling comes to an end. Longshot, through analyzing the requirements for scrolling and stitching long screenshots, has distilled the logic of the operation and summarized the steps for scrolling and stitching. It has materialized these steps into concrete code, enabling the process of scrolling, stitching, and previewing long screenshots. With just three simple steps, you can easily capture a long screenshot by scrolling.

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