# Download

Non-Mac App Store (UMAS) Download, requires macOS 11.0 or later

PS: After downloading, double click the DMG to install.

# Version history

# v1.1.6(2024.04.19 MAS)

  • Optimized issue with continuously pressing screenshot shortcut key

# v1.1.5(2024.04.18 MAS)

  • Added delayed screenshot
  • Added window screenshot entry
  • Added active window screenshot entry
  • Optimized screenshot operation prompts
  • Optimized scroll screenshot, OCR operation prompts
  • Optimized mosaic, color picker annotation icons
  • Optimized color picker annotation performance
  • Fixed issue where pasted image loses focus and cannot be dragged
  • Optimized holding Shift for multi-window screenshots
  • Fixed other issues

# v1.1.4(2024.04.05 MAS)

  • Urgently fix a bug.

# v1.1.3(2024.04.04 MAS)

  • Add auto-measuring element annotation feature
  • Add step annotation with customizable numbers
  • Add QR/Bar code recognition
  • Add OCR recognition results accumulated and added to clipboard
  • Add line breaks for multi-line OCR recognition results
  • Add text-to-speech playback for OCR recognition results
  • Optimize other issues
  • Fix the issue that some areas cannot be clicked during screen recording
  • Add professional version permissions, free users please carefully upgrade

# v1.1.2 (2024-03-24 MAS)

  • Added auto measurement for screen elements
  • Added click to select window region functionality
  • Optimized screen display for recording regions
  • Fixed issue where screenshots could not be renamed in some situations
  • Fixed error when selecting windows outside the display screen
  • Fixed image sticking printing issue
  • Fixed some other issues

# v1.1.1(2024.02.07 MAS)

  • Added screen recording functionality, supporting recording by region, window, and APP (macOS 13.0 and later)
  • Added custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed some issues

# v1.1.0 (2024.01.13 MAS)

  • Added OCR text recognition (macOS13.0 or later)
  • Added quick access for full-screen capture
  • Added quick access for scrolling capture
  • Fixed some issues

# v1.0.9 (2024.01.05 MAS + UMAS)

  • Added counter annotation tool
  • Fixed some issues

# v1.0.8(2023.12.30)

  • Fix some bugs.

# v1.0.7 (2023.12.28)

  • Added setting for capturing area with solid or dashed lines
  • Added setting for customizing the color of capture area lines
  • Enhanced text to image feature
  • Added additional shortcut keys
  • Performance optimizations
  • Fixed various issues

# v1.0.0(2023.06.18)

  • First release